We look at your overall wealth. Based on your wishes and needs, we provide you with bespoke solutions and advise you with the greatest care about potential risks.

Our specialists act exclusively in our clients’ best interests when making investment decisions or developing investment strategies.


  • Portfolio analysis, including reduction of total costs
  • Risk-return optimization
  • Keeping existing custodian banks
  • Asset management through multiple banks and booking centers
  • Ongoing risk monitoring
  • Great flexibility in personalizing investment portfolios
  • Price transparency and refusal of kick-backs by other banks
  • Independent investment advice
  • Access to research information from leading banks and selection of the best available investments
  • Involvement of the customer and high accessibility to investment advisors
  • Custodian banks with the highest financial stability
  • FINMA license
  • Aquila as a partner, the Swiss leader in services to independent asset management firms


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